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Business Advisors

We Are Client-Centered Business Consultants

We Are Mission-Driven and Valued Business Intermediaries

We Can Confidentially Work With You With a Proven, Consultative Process that Gets Results

We are experts in business profitability, protection and transfer. We are grounded in trust and confidentiality.  We are focused on protecting business enterprise value.

The good news is that there are concrete steps you can take now:

-To build the business strategically.

-Optimize all potential opportunities.

-Manage and identify known and unknown risks.

-Position the business for the best transfer or sale.

And finally to:

-Sell the business with our extensive, global network when you are ready.

Build More Equity Value in Your Business

Business value is something that isn’t always measurable.  It is the sum result of everything you and your team has built from Day One.  You understand that at the end of the day, the perceived business value is what is purchased. Let us help define how the marketplace defines your value.  Let’s answer the questions “What is my business worth? How do I sell my business?  How do I unlock value?”  Let us also help identify ways to build incremental value leading up to a transfer or sale. Lets unlock the full business potential!

Achieve Financial Independence

We understand that the goal for most business owners is to create something great.  We also understand that behind most business goals exist personal life goals. Achieving financial independence is something that is unique to the individual and is measurable.  Let us help:  Define the ultimate goal line objectives; identify retirement and legacy goals;  how the business supports existing cash flow needs; how business liquidation events impact on your retirement needs and goals. It isn’t easy, but the model can be simple. We take pride in the use of our process to meet your goals.

Living Our Core Values

We believe that both the words we choose and the actions we conduct, matter. In today’s business environment and in an ever-changing world, there is a lot of noise and hyperbole. We always choose to do the right thing with the right people for the right reason – consistently.

We also listen to your unique needs, your sincere wants and lifelong dreams. We’ll help with succession planning and business intermediary services to unlock value for your business. We can co-create retirement security for you so that you can finally commit to what’s most important – spending quality time with a comfortable lifestyle and enjoying your retirement with those you love – family.

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