We Are Business Consultants AND Business Intermediaries! We enable privately-held business owners to plan for the eventual, successful transfer of business ownership.  In the process, we:

  • Assess the business including Key Performance Indicators
  • Optimize financial metrics, where possible
  • Position the business for clarity and …
  • Identify and position new leadership, management and ownership, if necessary
  • Provide a platform for sale or merger
  • Match buyers to the opportunity

We have developed and refined a powerful process known as the

S3 StratExit Process™

This unique, value-added process is used to maximize business value and create a clear runway to sell effectively and confidentially.

 The S3 StratExit Processtm is a proprietary consulting process that we use exclusively for our client companies.  It allows us to effectively understand and communicate the value proposition and enterprise value of your unique company. It then positions it for an effective sale.  Each company is as unique as their fingerprint.  Our process shines a spotlight on your uniqueness and what factors allowed you grow a successful business. We provide a clear vision for the future for you and future leadership and ownership.